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Support Services

The CFC-Verona prioritises the facilitation of patient access to treatment, as an active promoter of decentralised care. This is done through the development of a networked care model, allowing the patient to continue enjoying the advantages of whole-person care overseen by the Verona Center. Thanks to personalised electronic medical records that can be shared remotely, patients can attend either the Regional Center or the support services in Rovereto and Treviso.

The work of the support service teams is closely integrated with that of the Center. This is made possible by remote pooling of information, regular meetings between staff from different sites, and sharing of clinical and research protocols.

Particular attention is paid to the involvement of all the Operating Units contributing to the care programme in the various disciplines concerned (microbiology, laboratory services, physiotherapy, radiology, pneumology, paediatrics).

The efficiency of this care model is unique: it is constantly monitored, both by continuous assessment of indicators and by satisfaction surveys addressed to patients and their families.


Treviso FC Support Center

S. Maria di Ca’ Foncello Hospital
Piazzale Ospedale 1
31100 Treviso

0422 328292


Dr  Mirco Ros


Rovereto FC Support Center

S. Maria del Carmine Hospital
Corso Verona 4
38068 Rovereto (TN)

0464 404917


Dr Ugo Pradal, Direttore UO Pediatria

Chief Physician
Dr Grazia Dinnella