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Pediatric ward corridor with two physical therapists walking around consulting medical records

Dr Sonia Volpi

Senior Nurse
Chiara Disconsi

Giovanna Amenta

Sonia Volpi, Giulia Paiola, Anna Pegoraro, Francesca Lucca, Lucia Martini

Times and Contact Details

Mon-Fri 7.00-13.00
by appointment

Clinic 045 812 3005
Inpatients 045 812 2372

Clinic 045 812 3021
Inpatients 045 812 2832


Paediatric Section

Our operational model is one of global care for the child and their family.
The objective is to upgrade the care available to children, offering specific programmes to leverage monitoring and early intervention. Helping CF patients and their families to address a multitude of needs, the cutting-edge knowledge dedicated to these tasks addresses infectious/microbiological, respiratory and nutrition-/growth-related challenges, as well as concerns in such areas as physiotherapy and quality of life.


Paediatric outpatient clinic

The outpatient nursing clinic ensures greater continuity of care, a prominent role for nurses, and a closer connection with critically ill patients. Children are assessed at briefer intervals than in the past: an average of 8-10 children a day are examined by the Senior Nurse, in line with the most up-to-date recommendations. Emerging clinical problems can thus be detected earlier, enabling prompt referral to the psychological, social or rehabilitation service, or consultation with the doctor.

An annual report of the Paediatric Section’s activity includes assessment in relation to quality indicators.


Adolescent Outpatient Clinic

A dedicated outpatient clinic for adolescents was set up in 2008. Its main aim is to ensure that every adolescent with CF reaches their full potential for growth and development, in relation to both biological and psychosocial parameters. The creation of this dedicated facility, which guarantees continuity of care by dedicated staff, has brought twofold benefits: more precise monitoring of the disease’s progress, and more detailed knowledge of the patient, thanks to which s/he can receive appropriate support as they transition from dependence on parental support to self-sufficiency.


The Department

Accommodation is in single rooms, with an additional bed for the carer. Each room has its own TV, DVD player, air conditioning and en-suite bathroom. There is also a shared kitchen for family members, as well as a primary school for in-patients of school age.