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Social Service

The social worker collaborates closely with the Center’s team of healthcare specialists. Receiving timely input on the patient’s medical assessments, s/he uses this as the starting point for a professional contribution centred on advice and counselling that target individual needs. Given that the declared aim of the caring professions (both healthcare staff and social workers) is to ensure the person’s overall wellbeing, physical health can be seen as an enabling condition for study or work, travel or leisure: the ultimate goal is thus for each person to achieve complete fulfilment and self-expression, both individually and as an integral part of a social and cultural fabric.


Main activities

Awareness raising on legislation concerning the rights and opportunities of CF patients and their families, with particular reference to eligibility for invalidity- and disability-related allowances or support.

Activities to ensure patient care and social integration, interfacing with:

  • hospital and health authority pharmacies, for all matters related to medical prescriptions
  • The Veneto Region CF Association – LIFC
  • Local social services, so that situations of social hardship can be addressed by development of networked programmes to target each individual person’s needs
  • Community services, for work integration
  • “School in hospital”
  • Dedicated “1.1.8” Call Centers for Special Transport
  • Welfare organisations, social security authorities, and other public and private bodies
  • Patients and family members, to provide counselling.


AOUI-VR Coordinator 

Giorgio Zoccatelli

LIFC Associazione Veneta ONLUS Coordinator
Maria Grazia Pannozzo

Times and Contact Details

Mon-Fri, by appointment

045 812 2429