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Three mask-wearing physical therapists walking in the hospital corridor

Sara Tomezzoli

Physical Therapists
Sara Tomezzoli, Riccardo Guarise, Anna Malvezzi, Eleonora Salamon, Elena Salonini, Giuseppe Daniele Zambito

Contact Details

045 812 3162


Physical Therapy

The Physical Therapy Service looks after all needs that the Center’s users may have in relation to physical therapy and rehabilitation.


Main activities

  • Dealing with rehabilitation and related needs: aerosol therapy, airway clearance, exercise tolerance tests, physical exercise training, management of complications and other problems that require rehabilitation. These needs are met by a full range of tests, educational activities and rehabilitation exercises.
  • Updates: weekly meetings with discussion of clinical cases, analysis of the scientific literature, and drafting of protocols, procedures and information material.
  • Teaching: lecturing at outside courses, training of students on the Physiotherapy degree course and the Master’s course for Healthcare Coordinators.
  • Training of colleagues from other centers/services.
  • Research: in collaboration with other medical and healthcare professionals, clinical trial design, implementation and participation.
  • Prescription of physical therapy equipment.



In line with the Center’s organisational structure and with a view to whole-person care, each physical therapist is responsible for a particular sector: outpatients (dealing specifically with paediatric or adult patients), or inpatients (again, specifically paediatric or adult). The physical therapists work with each of these different patient groups on a rotating basis, switching from one group to another at 6-month to 1-year intervals.



  • Italian Society for the Study of Cystic Fibrosis (SIFC)
  • Association of Respiratory Insufficiency Rehabilitators (ARIR)
  • International Physiotherapy Group for Cystic Fibrosis (IPG/CF)