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Senior Nurse 
Chiara Disconsi

Giovanna Amenta, Silvia Antoniazzi, Elena Barana, Roberta Beghini, Amelia Cherubin, Ana Maria Cimpoesu, Lucia Delli Zuani, Sofia Grigoli, Ersilia Licciardi, Silvia Mancuso, Elisa Marconi, Andrea Palazzin, Giulia Pighi, Ornella Rigo, Matilde Tosi, Nicoletta Trevisani, Daniela Venturini, Aurora Viglio

Contact Details

045 812 2292
045 812 2832


Nursing Service

The Center employs 18 nurses: 15 (including 5 part-time) working with inpatients, 2 in the adult outpatient clinic, and one in the paediatric outpatient clinic. There is a nursing coordinator, in charge of all services.

The CFC is a training site for undergraduate nursing students.


Main activities

The distinctive feature of nursing care, for both children and adults, is that on-site care is complemented by training of patients. This enables home management of certain procedures and devices by experienced persons:

  • Central venous catheters (external and port), for parenteral nutrition and antibiotic therapy
  • Intravenous antibiotic therapy by peripheral venous catheter
  • Pharmacological therapy for unweaned babies
  • Therapy and management of diabetes-related problems
  • Nasogastric tube feeding
  • Enteral nutrition and gastrostomy management