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Doctor and patient during a respiratory pathophysiology examination

Chief Scientists 
Dr Sonia Volpi, Dr Francesca Lucca

Research Staff
Erika Fedrigo, Stefania Moro, Monica Signorini

Times and Contact Details

Mon-Fri 7.30-15.00

045 812 3165


Laboratory of Respiratory Pathophysiology

The Laboratory provides diagnostic testing for the Center, as well as for community health services, other departments within the Hospital Trust and research activities.


Pulmonary function assessment

This includes:

  • spirometry
  • body plethysmography
  • airway resistance
  • specific/non-specific bronchoprovocation tests
  • drug challenge testing
  • bicycle ergometer stress test
  • diffusing capacity testing
  • assessment of hypoxia
  • lung clearance index (LCI)
  • negative expiratory pressure (NEP) test
  • gas exchange testing

These tests enable assessment of lung function, from asymptomatic initial status (with normal spirometry) to respiratory failure and the post-transplant phase. Pulmonary function assessment is the main marker for the various stages of lung disease in cystic fibrosis; it is also the most important treatment response criterion (whether for established treatment protocols or for new drugs).


Diagnosis of cystic fibrosis

Sweat test.