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Clinical Psychology

The Clinical Psychology Service helps patients, parents and healthy siblings accept and adapt to the presence of CF in the family.
The intervention is customised according to the patient’s problems and age. It includes one-to-one and/or family interviews. These are complemented, where necessary, by psychodiagnostic testing to enable setting up of a specific therapeutic programme.
In addition to counselling, the service is a direct provider of short-term psychotherapy, support psychotherapy or parenting support.


Further Activities

  • Clinical research into the psychological impact of chronic illness on various aspects of the patient’s personal and family life, and the effects of different diagnostic and treatment techniques.
  • Advice to the care team on psychological and relational issues arising in care work (for patients, family members and the caregivers themselves), with a view to fostering an environment that is receptive to the experiences and emotional needs of the different subjects involved.
  • Training for healthcare professionals dealing with chronic illnesses, to target better awareness of psychological concerns and focus on methods of care that recognise the importance of emotional support.


Antonella De Scolari, Francesca Buniotto

Contact Details

045 812 2286